Guest Guidelines

Guest Guidelines

Welcome to Hillendale Country Club

On behalf of our Board of Governors, Membership and staff, we wish to inform you of the following guidelines at Hillendale Country Club:

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones must be kept on vibrate/silent mode.
Please refrain from speaking on cell phones while in the clubhouse. For your convenience, a telephone room is located in the Sandtrap Lounge for any necessary phone calls to be made outside the club.
Texting, reading and emailing on your cell phone is permitted throughout the Clubhouse.

Club Dress Code

In General:
Jeans are currently permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse except in the Blenheim Room & Ballroom.
Pool attire is not allowed in the clubhouse or anywhere else outside the pool area and parking lot.
Those in exercise, tennis or other such attire are encouraged to use the sports entrance of the Clubhouse.
Gentlemen are not permitted to wear hats, caps, or visors in the Phoenix Grill, First Tee Room, or the Blenheim Room. In those areas that hats are permitted, hats are to be worn forward at all times.
Members and Guests may wear shirts un-tucked if they are designed to be worn as such. These shirts are commonly referred to as Hawaiian or Aloha style shirts, and typically have a straight lower hem.
Pants must be worn to the waist.
*Children will be required to observe the same dress standards as adults.

Casual Dining, Cocktail Lounges, and Terrace:
Golf, tennis and appropriate casual attire are allowed in the informal dining areas and cocktail lounges. Certain apparel such as sports shorts, athletic or jogging shorts, cutoffs, halter tops, fishnet tops, and sweatpants are not permitted.

In the Blenheim Room:
Gentlemen will wear jackets and ladies will dress comparably during open dining. Children will be required to observe adult dress standards.

In the Favazza Grand Ballroom:
The Ballroom dress code will be determined by the General Manager according to the type and theme of event held. These dress restrictions will be
promulgated in official notices of the respective events.

Golfing Dress Code

Golf shirts must be tucked in at all times
Hats must be worn forward
The length of men’s shorts should be no shorter than three inches above the Knee
Non metal spikes only

Sleeveless shirts must have a minimum of a 3-inch shoulder seam
Shorts, dresses, skirts and skorts must be at least 17 inches in length.
Non metal spikes only