Our Staff

The Staff at Hillendale

Management & Administration





    Joe Ceci, 
General Manager / COO
  P: 410-862-0733
E: jceci@hillendalecc.com
  Katie Cox,
Executive Assistant to the General Manager & 
Member Communications  
  E: katie@hillendalecc.com 
    Allison Montgomery,
Director of Event Sales and Membership
  P:  410-862-0732
E: allison@hillendalecc.com


  Mark Cala
Executive Chef
  P: 410-826-0727
E: chef@hillendalecc.com
    Akia Braswell, 
Food & Beverage 
E:  akia@hillendalecc.com


    Kym Fox
Accounts Payable
  P: 410-862-0723
E: kfox@hillendalecc.com
    Donna Wobbleton
Accounts Receivable
  P: 410-862-0724
E: dwobbleton@hillendalecc.com

Golf Course

    Travis Alwine
Director of Grounds
  P: 410-592-8803
E: travis@hillendalecc.com
    Nick Donner
Golf Course Superintendent
  P: 410-592-8803
E: nick@hillendalecc.com

Golf Operations


  Brandon Grecco, PGA
Director of Golf
  P: 410-862-0734
E: Bgrecco@hillendalecc.com

Tennis Facility


Nicole Grunwald
Director of Tennis
  P: 410.592.2950
E: nicole@hillendalecc.com

Pool Facility


Pool Manager 
Pool Snack Bar: 410.592.6835

E: pool@hillendalecc.com