Prospective Members FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Members

Below are just a few questions to consider when you are thinking about joining Hillendale Country Club:

  • Does Hillendale offer activities & events to fit my family's needs?
    • Hillendale offers a wide variety of events thoughout the year such as:

      Labor Day Fireworks Celebration
      Renaissance Festival
      Easter Egg Hunt
      Wine Dinners
      Memorial Day Opening Pool Celebration
      Mixed Couple Nine and Dines
      Breakfast Golf Tournament
      Holiday Gala
      Brunch with Santa
      and much, much more!

      View the "Social Activities" page to see a list of all the events at the Club, along with pictures!

  • What Junior Programs are available for my children?
    • Hillendale is committed to a family-friendly atmosphere and has established a Junior committee to help these programs grow. From our golf, tennis and swim team programs to our movie nights, laser tag and gingerbread house building events, we are committed to the Junior members at Hillendale.

  • Is the course walk-able or do I have to use a cart?
    • Yes, Hillendale golf course is very walking friendly. Many Hillendale Members walk the course on a regular basis.

  • How quickly would I, as a new member, get integrated?
    • Hillendale is thought of as a home away from home by most of the membership. You will find the Members to be very friendly, warm and welcoming from your first day. Once your Membership application is processed, you will receive a Member number and be considered a "Posted Candidate" for 30 days. During this time you may use the Club and begin to enjoy all the great things Hillendale has to offer!

  • What counts toward my food and beverage minimum at the club?
    • At Hillendale all of your non-alcoholic drinks and food count toward your minimum, as well as food from any events in which you participate and to-go food orders. Lastly, if you host a private event at the club, the food from this event is also counted toward your food and beverage minimum.

  • Can I bring guests to events at the club?
    • We encourage Members to share the Hillendale lifestyle with friends and family by bringing them to club. Guests are welcome at all times in the dining room and at most social events.

  • If I was transferred what does it take to resign our membership?
    • Hillendale requires a 30 day notice of resignation along with a signed Resignation form. You may rejoin the Club at any time up to 5 years, following the guidelines set forth in the Club By-laws.

  • Who decides what renovations will be undertaken at the club?
    • Hillendale has a long-range planning committee that is consistently evaluating all aspects of the club for improvements.