Superintendent Updates

Superintendent Update

from Brad Novotny, Head Superintendent

Superintendent Update- Member/Member is Here!


The weather this week wasn't as wet as we anticipated, which has helped us produce a fantastic putting surface for the Hillendale Member/Member.  Good nighttime temperatures, high rates of growth regulators and lower nutrient levels the last two weeks has the greens running very true and above the 12' mark.  We're excited for the membership to enjoy the conditions they deserve!

Our fairways continue to recover from the wet wilt.  I'm seeing a lot of plants generating new tillers and plenty of seed germinating.  We used our new Toro 1298 Aerifier on more fairways earlier in the week and added more seed.  We had to adjust our procedures a bit because its not ideal to aerify after double slit-seeding.  In thin areas where roots weren't holding the soil together, we were pulling up some of the blocks created by earlier slit seeding.  We made some adjustments to the machine and our process and the finished product looks great.  After the member/member is over, we will be doing all of our fairways and seeding any thin areas.  Having the ability to now put holes in the fairways for seed will speed up our recovery, and allow us to adjust the subsurface conditions to help prevent the wet-wilt situations in the future.  

Now that we have the new sprayer, we are going back to Spray-Hawking our greens.  This is when we use our hose reel on the sprayer attached to a walk behind sprayer to apply products to the greens. Spraying this way helps keep ruts off of the greens and allows us to be more precise with our application.  It's more time consuming and requires a second person to manage the hose, but I prefer this process versus driving the sprayer on the greens.  Nick was excited to be able to utilize this option on the Toro 5800G for the first time.