Superintendent Updates

Superintendent Update

from Brad Novotny, Head Superintendent

Superintendent Update- More leaves


This week has been a repeat of last week.  We've been blowing and mulching leaves when we don't have windy days.  There were days that had high winds, helping knock leaves off the trees, but it made trying to blow the leaves pretty impossible.  When we have that much wind, we focus on our mowing.  Our soil temperatures are dropping, so the grass should stop growing soon, but we still need to mow a couple times a week.  Usually Thanksgiving is a good indicator of the page turning from leaves and infrequent mowing to our treework beginning.  Looking at the forecast and our past weather, we might be a week or two behind with our leaves and mowing.  I'm looking forward to getting the chainsaws out though! 

Superintendent Update- Leaves and Winter Prep


What a difference a week makes!  Last Friday was in the 70s, and today we're in the 40s with temperatures at night close to 20! 

This week we had to deal with three seasons at once.  The grass is still growing, so we had to make sure we mowed the course to continue providing good playing conditions as we would in the summer.  

We finally saw the leaves coming down at a rapid pace, so we had our main fall task of blowing and mulching leaves.  The crew did a great job getting everything blown and mulched in an efficient manner.

Today (Friday), we're enjoying 20mph winds and temperatures dropping overnight to nearly record lows around 20.  With those temperatures, we need to blow out the irrigation system so there's no water in the pipes or heads.  Nick and Travis focused on moving the compressor around the course and popping all the heads in the right order so we were safe for the winter.  

Now that we've enjoyed 3 seasons in a week, we're ready for the colder temperatures moving in!