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« Back Post Date: Monday, March 16, 2015
We have thawing!
Snow is leaving and Mother Nature is getting the course prepped for Aerification.

Although we're cutting it close with the thaw, this week gave us excellent weather to prepare the ground for aerification.  We had temperatures in the 50s and close to 60 along with some rain to help thaw the frozen ground.  In order to utilize the sun's thawing power as effectively as possible, we shoveled some snow off of greens that remained covered.  This way, instead of the sun working to melt snow, its energy was going toward raising our soil temperatures.

Something else we took care of at the end of the week was covering the driving range.  We will begin play on the tee on the front right, so we put one of our greens covers there to help warm it up and start the growth asap.  The wind likes to blow the cover away, so we'll be constantly replacing the staples and adjusting the cover.  

Because we had a complete thaw, we will be aerifying on the 16th, 17th, and 18th.  We will do the same process as last spring.  After a solid deep tine, we will use hollow 1/4" tines in 2 directions.  All holes will be filled with sand.  Slow release potassium fertilizer will be added and the greens will be rolled.  I've been asked numerous times when the course will be open for play.  As soon as we're finished aerifying, you can come knock off the rust and take care of the itch to play!