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Weekly Turf Update 9/15 to 9/22

Tees 7 and 15 were core aerated, seeded and heavily topdressed
Par 3 approaches were cored and seeded
Damaged and bare areas in approaches were cored and seeded

With the first day of autumn already upon us, we still found ourselves dealing with summer like temperatures.  We chose our days carefully when slicing more seed and aerating.  Looks like we hang on to the upper 80s a bit more and will continue aggressively seeding the last week of September and onward.  Par 3 apps , a couple of tees, and spots in approaches were all done with a nice-sized coring tine and then heavily seeded.

10 approach (one of the worst) is pictured above. 
Eric uses the 648 to core as part of the remedy.  Prior to coring we applied a good bit of seed and after we cleaned up added more.  Just about every hole has multiple seeds in it.  They will heal and grow in quite soon. 

Pictured are the cores pulled from the apps.  Great sandy silt.

Seeding prior to aeration helps a lot of it get worked into the ground by the aerator.  Seed is also applied afterwards to ensure seed to hole/soil contact.  Exactly what it needs to for a stable rooting .On one of the cooler cloudier days we took the Redexim slice seeder to the bottom of 1 fairway.  There was minimal disruption and when the temperatures are steadier and cooler, we will slice the more troubled fairways to help fill in. 

Nick slices diagonally to help fill bare areas in better. 

7 and 15 tees were cored and topdressed heavily using our divot mix.  They are more sand based, so growing seed and holding nutrients is more difficult as opposed to the other native soil ones.  Hopefully, by applying a more organic divot mix and fertilizing we can start to catch these up to the other tees.

Seed and divot mix are swept in multiple times to work down into the aeration holes.  Bluegrass and fescue were added to aid the rye in filling in. We look forward to the take and how they respond.

- Travis Alwine
Director of Grounds