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Superintendent Update- Almost Finished 3!

As I'm writing this on Friday Morning, its 37 degrees and tomorrow we're expecting colder morning temps.  This is definitely not our ideal weather for the end of April and as my Assistant Chris just said, "There were nicer days in February."  Although the rough and fairways are beginning to grow consistently, the more sensitive greens are struggling to wake up.  This is also affecting our seed growth on 3 tee.  With temperatures consistently closer to 70, our ryegrass seed will grow rapidly.  The growth tarps have helped our germination significantly but it'd be great to have natural heat on the tees.

With our second spring aerification arriving on the 27th and 28th, we've had to make some adjustments to our aerification plans.  We were going to take 1/2" or 3/8" cores out of the greens on Monday and DryJect the greens on Tuesday, however with the cool temperatures, the March aerification just finally getting healed, and some big events in early May, I've decided to not take any cores and just utilize our deep tine machine for deeper roots throughout the season.  We will still do the DryJect on Tuesday to help create good sand channels through the soil and improve drainage and rooting.  The DryJect and deep tine procedures both have small holes that will recover very quickly, even without the warm temperatures I'm expecting by next weekend.  If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please feel free to contact me!

We brought out all of our new John Deere equipment this week.  On Wednesday, our John Deere Sales Representative, Reid Mitchell, came out to go over all of the equipment with our staff.  As you can see in the picture, there was a bit of head scratching on our end, but Reid helped answer a lot of questions the operators had and they are now extremely comfortable with the equipment.  Once the greens are growing steadily, we will begin utilizing all of the tools the greensmowers provide us and start finding the ideal height settings on these mowers.  There are many controls we can adjust on the rough, surround, and fairway mowers such as Mow Speed, Turn Speed, Mowing Engine RPM, Clip Rate, Transport Speed, etc, that we're trying to get dialed in to match efficiency with the highest quality of cut.  

We had Carroll Tree return to grind some exposed roots on the right of 14 where we removed the pine trees.  These stumps were ground while we still had snowcover, so it was necessary to come back and take out the roots that could cause issues in an active landing zone.

The project on #3 tee is nearly complete.  On Wednesday, we received a tractor trailer load of 16 pallets of sod for the tee surrounds.  We began the morning aerifying the compacted soil to loosen it up, then used a bunker rake to drag the soil to level it.  The edges were cut with a sod cutter, and the tees were staked, measured, and marked.  The crew did a fantastic job laying the entire truck load of sod by the end of the day...even with 50 mph wind gusts and heavy rain at the end.  We are still about 4 pallets short so we are now focusing on prepping all of our stump holes and when they're ready, we'll order another truck of sod.  I'm hoping this can be completed by the end of next week.  I'm pleased with the germination of the seed on the tees.  These pictures are one week after seeding.  Ryegrass grows quickly, and I'm confident we will be playing off of it in 4 weeks.  Also, click here to see a short time-lapse video of our great staff sodding the tee.