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Superintendent Update- Successful Aerification
Our second Spring aerification went well. Now its time to prep for outing season!

Our second aerification of the season went really well this week.  I was planning on taking small 1/4" cores on Monday and doing the DryJect on Tuesday, but with the weather causing a slow recovery of our first aerification, I decided not to take any cores.  Instead of cores, we did the Deep Tine for the second time this year, followed by the Planet Air machine we're considering purchasing.  The Planet Air opens an incredible amount of channels for root growth and gas exchange with very minimal disruption to the surface.  As you can see by the diagram below, the type of motion made by the tine actually creates a larger slit under the surface than you see on the surface.  We would replace our pencil tine venting practices with the Planet Air machine throughout the summer.  After these procedures were finished, we had the DryJect company come out to inject sand into the greens.  There is very little disruption to the surface, but there is a good amount of sand that goes 3-4" deep.  


Above shows the surface results of all 3 processes before rolling or mowing- the small open holes are from the Deep Tine, the thin slits are from the Planet Air, and the sand dots are from the DryJect. 

The timing of the weather increasing the temperatures couldn't be any better.  This will allow us to heal the greens quickly, then stop their growth for optimal playing conditions.  Again, this is the reason we aerify when conditions are so good- to be able to heal as quickly as possible.

I've been asked about the remaining sod work on the 3rd tee project.  The amount needed to finish the sod is less than an entire truckload, so instead of having to pay a second delivery fee, we're finishing our sod preparations for all of our stump holes, and this coming Wednesday, we'll sod the stump holes and what remains on number 3.  I'm very pleased with the progress of the ryegrass on our new tees.  Again, the weather is being extremely cooperative.  From a distance, they may seem ready to play off of, but they are still immature and thin.  We should see a lot of progress on the surface in the next couple of weeks and I can't wait to see golfers playing off of it (although it might be tough to see the first divot taken out).  

Finally, if you are wondering what the small green speckles in the tees and fairways are, its our fertilizer that we're applying.  Our Polyon fertilizer is a custom blend with a polymer coat that allows the nutrients inside (Nitrogen and Potassium) to release at a specific rate throughout the season.  Instead of needing to apply fertilizers a few times each summer, this allows us to have a consistent feed for over 4 months.  After a few rains and mows the prills will be worked into the canopy and you'll have a hard time seeing the Polyon at all.