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« Back Post Date: Friday, July 10, 2015
Superintendent Update- Yup, it rained more.
We're looking at over 15" of rain since June 1.

I'm sure you're aware by now that we saw more rain this week.  Our cart restrictions have been somewhat liberal by allowing carts in the rough, but our fairways are definitely saturated and having a hard time handling cart traffic.  You can see below the results of a golf cart in a wet area.  We would have much better success draining the fairways, keeping them firm, and allowing carts more frequently if we were on a proper fairway topdressing program.  Instead of the cart traffic being on the soil below the plant, it would be elevated by the sand layer that dries quicker.  Hopefully in the future, we can return this practice to our repertoire 

Something you might see in our front 9 fairways are patchy brown disease-like spots.  These spots are actually an invasive weed called Kyllinga Sedge that we have treated with an herbicide.  Without controlling this weed, it spreads and can take over large areas.  There's no need to be concerned about these spots, as its helping to improve the consistency of our fairway turf, and we'll seed any spots if necessary.

In order to maintain our budget, we have reduced the frequency of our rough sprays.  We're not quite into Gray Leaf Spot season yet, so basically we would just be spraying for Dollar Spot and Brown Patch.  These are two diseases that can be a bit unsightly but don't cause the devastation of Gray Leaf Spot.  Instead of being on a preventive program spraying every 2 weeks, we switched to a curative program and spray when the diseases appear.  This wet humid weather was perfect for dollar spot, so a lot of green surrounds were affected.  The picture below is by far the worst area we have on the course, around 13 green, but a lot of greens have some spots around them.  They have been sprayed and the lesions on the leaf will grow out and return to normal shortly.

Even with these minor, short-lived blemishes, i'm very proud of my staff for taking the extra time to avoid our wet areas, following additional daily instructions regarding the moisture, and keeping our bunkers maintained consistently through all of these heavy rains.