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Superintendent Update- What a storm!
We spent the week cleaning up from Tuesday Night's microburst storm.

Wow, what a storm!  Tuesday night, a storm front came through the area that produced a microburst in our area that included extremely strong straight line winds.  We can tell it wasn't a tornado because trees all fell in the same direction.  Tornadoes send debris in many different directions and trees often twist apart at the base and don't just fall over.  The trees affected included one to the left of #1 fairway before the stream, pines by 13 tee, a poplar left of 17 tee, and the most unfortunate loss, the White Oak guarding the right side of 18 green.  

Besides mowing greens on Wednesday, we solely focused on the cleanup process with our priorities being blowing off greens, tees, fairways, and green surrounds.  We had a separate crew focusing on cleaning up the downed trees.  A couple of our new staff members have experience working with a tree service and our winter staff now has a great grasp of efficient tree work, so everything went very smoothly.  We worked on the tree by 18 green first, followed by the pines on 13 tee and the fairway.  The other large limbs, and the trees on 1 and 17 were completed on Thursday.  I couldn't be more proud of my staff for their efforts to quickly work through the damage to get the course playable again.  

I think it's important to mention that without our new chipper, this work probably wouldn't have been completed by the weekend and it would've cost much more.  This is a great example that having the proper equipment on hand is a necessary part of keeping our operating costs down while still maintaining high standards on the course.  

We did need to bring in Carroll Tree to grind the 2 stumps.  The cleanup of these will continue into the weekend and possibly Monday.  

You might be noticing some areas on the tees, especially on #1 tee, where there are off-color spots.  This is a continuation of our Kyllinga Sedge and Nut Sedge control program.  We're doing our best to eradicate the weeds so we can have more uniform playing surfaces.  We need to make repeat applications 2 weeks apart to completely kill the weeds, then we will seed the areas with ryegrass.  Also, on a few tees, we're using a product called Pylex to eliminate goosegrass that popped up.  This turns the plants white so it can't photosynthesize properly, causing it to use its carbohydrate reserves until it dies.  We will be testing this product on Bermudagrass in late August.

I've been asked a few times when we will overseed #6 fairway.  We just received the seed delivery and need to wait for optimal growing conditions.  If we sliced the fairways when everything was stressed with the heat earlier this week, it would've done more damage.  These current temperatures have helped minimize the stress on the fairway, so when we overseed on Monday, no additional damage will be done.  They're also calling for a decent chance of rain on Monday and Friday evenings which will help keep the soil most for ideal germination.  

Finally, I have to thank RG Hackett, Matt Bilger, and Katie Cox for the fantastic job they did this week with the Lil' Hillendalers.  My son Billy attended and he loved every minute of the golf, tennis, and swimming.  It was fun having him at work for a little bit after camp was over.  He even had a chance to use the walkie talkie and check up on some employees!