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« Back Post Date: Saturday, August 01, 2015
Superintendent Update- Summer Weather
We saw some heat and humidity but its looking like a great weekend.
We started off the week very hot and humid but a front came through and gave us some rain that dropped our humidity and gave us some relief this weekend.  The turf has recovered from the stresses of the past week or so and we have been able to seed areas such as 6 fairway and the rough on 1 and 14.  We should start seeing germination early in the week and will continue to push the new growth.

On Monday, the club hosted the Greater Baltimore Club Managers Association Outing.  It was an excellent opportunity to show off the great assets of Hillendale to other club officials and board members.  There were a lot of great reviews of the course and the club and it felt great that other clubs recognized Hillendale's quality service and facilities.  

I received my soil tests for the month and the nitrates have increased very slightly.  We want to be below 5ppm and our levels are at 8ppm (a huge improvement from 119ppm!!).  This moderate increase is very manageable with our growth regulators and fertility adjustments.  We will continue to monitor it but this should be our peak level for the season and next year we'll be 100% clear of any excessive nitrates.