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Superintendent Update- Rain and a Hurricane
Its been a washout of a week.

Well this week wasn't a very productive one.  On Tuesday night, we received 3" of rain.  We spent Wednesday and some of Thursday fixing the bunkers from that rain event.  The bunker repair procedures after a heavy storm takes a long time to get everything back in place while removing all of the contaminants that have settled on the sand.  With rain Thursday and a lot more Friday and Saturday, we tried to do as much mowing as we could because we don't know when we'll be able to get the mowers out again.  

Joaquin's path is fortunately heading east with each update so I don't foresee a large amount of damage from it, but we still have a lot of debris and cleanup from the unrelated storms of this week.

The bright side of the rainy week is seed germination.  The seed in our native areas has obviously been kept moist and is germinating very well.  The ryegrass for the walkpaths is flying out of the ground.  You can see this in the second picture from number 4.  We had some areas in the grove on 14/15/16 wash out, but we have some seed left and will re-establish those spots as soon as we can.