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Superintendent Update- Its looking like Fall
Leaves are changing and seed is coming up.

Following last week's rain, we've had a pleasant week to enjoy the course.  Friday will bring some rain in the evening and cool fall-like temperatures this weekend.  Since there is a good chance of rain today (Friday), we've been spending a lot of time this week seeding areas around the course.  There are some very small areas on greens that could use a little bit of seed, so we dimpled and seeded them.  More tall fescue was planted in thin rough areas as well.  

Our native areas continue to establish nicely.  You can see the definition where the ryegrass is coming in on the walk paths.  The grove on 14/15/16 is establishing quickly as well.  We had a few areas wash out from the heavy rains last week but we want to let everything establish before putting more seed down.  

We have had some time available to work on some extra projects.  One that has begun is creating more definition around the pine trees along the driving range.  This is the ideal time to do this because needles will be falling off the trees soon, and they'll help mulch the beds naturally.  We blew all of the needles off of the grass, into the center, then cut out the thin sod with our sodcutter.  We will spread the needles around the beds and let the pines help us with the mulching.

Also, Lola continues to work her magic improving the landscaping around the club.  I'm very happy with the work she did at the entrance limbing up the spruce trees.  This is something I've wanted to do since I began here and i'm very happy with the results.  I look forward to seeing the landscaping this spring, as she has lots of great plans and ideas for adjustments over the winter.  

Finally, you may notice a few small spots around the course where there is a little bit of grub damage.  We applied grub prevention on the entire property except for the driving range rough, but there are a few breakthrough spots that have been caused by the heavy rains of June flushing the barrier away.  We've applied insecticides on these areas to stop any further damage and we'll be seeding them to be recovered as soon as possible.