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Superintendent Update- Project Progress
Moving forward with Master Plan work

Although we had 2 days of steady rain to slow down our progress, we were able to move forward with more of our projects this week.

We had some leftover sod from doing the bunker faces and cart path edges, so we adjusted the border of the native area to the left of 16 green.  There has been discussion about it being too close due to the slope on the edge of the green sending a slightly errant shot way left.  We cut the fine fescue sod out and placed it in some of the washouts in the new native area on 14/15/16 to help control erosion.  Once the fine fescue sod was removed, we prepped the area and laid our tall fescue rough sod in its place.  

Because of the rain, we couldn't do much shaping on the 7th tee.  We were able to strip the sod from the yellow/white tee and remove that.  Early next week we will begin moving the soil from that tee and using it to finish grading the new tees.

The soil from the yellow/white tee won't be enough to complete the grading so we're beginning the final portion of the master plan on #3.  We are re-grading the green surround to lose the mound on the right behind the large oak tree and also to make the rear of the green surround more steep.  The right side will slope directly from the cart path down to the green instead of mounding up in the middle.  The rear of the surround will have a slope that matches the area to the left of the green.  Currently the back is at about an 8% slope and we'll end up matching the 14% slope of the left side.  The sod has been removed and shaping will begin next week.  

Finally, today we are doing our last spray on the greens for the year.  We are applying a form of nitrogen that's still plant available with colder soil temperatures.  Along with the N, we are applying our last fungicide for the year that protects the greens from a winter disease called Snow Mold.  There are 2 types of Snow Mold- one that appears with snow cover and one that doesn't require snow.  In order to protect the health of the turf through the winter, the timing of this application is important.