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Superintendent Update- Watching the Snow Disappear
Warm weather brings rapid melting.

This was an interesting week.  Even though we had a lot of snowcover, the temperatures were in the 50s, which led to a rapid melting of the 30" of snow we received last week.  

The most common question I get when I tell someone I'm a Golf Course Superintendent is "What do you do in the winter?" This week was a great example of a productive week even though the staff couldn't work out on the course.

A big part of our winter work is refurbishing all of the course accessories.  The tee markers, ballwashers, benches, and trashcans all need to be sanded and painted.  Although its a tedious process, the staff did a great job of getting a lot of our accessories sanded and prepared for painting this week.

Another part of winter maintenance is going over all of our equipment and grinding the reels and bedknives and checking all of the fluids and grease points.  Gary has been extremely busy going over each piece of equipment taking care of the winter maintenance so that everything is in perfect shape for mowing in the spring.