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Superintendent Update- What a great week!
We have accomplished a lot with this week's fantastic weather.

Wow, I hope you've enjoyed this week as much as we have!  This weather has been fantastic.  Lets just hope we don't continue the trend of being 20 degrees above normal for the entire year!  These excellent conditions provided us a great opportunity to get out on the course and make a great deal of progress.

Our main focus this week was completing all of the hand work on #7 tee.  After all of the edges were finished, we moved onto the drainage system.  The front tee's drainage was previously completed.  The drainage for the back and middle tees were tied together, but they do not connect to the front tee.  There was a concern that if they were connected, the bottom tee could remain wet if water was coming from the top tees and percolating back into the soil from the drain pipes.  The base layer of pea gravel was laid after the trenching was completed and excess soil was removed, then we installed the drain pipe.  Next week, all we'll need to do is backfill the trenches with pea gravel, then we'll be ready for sand!

The surround on number 3 didn't require a ton of work.  We just graded it and filled in any washouts that showed up after our regrading in the fall.

Lola has been extremely busy in the parking lot area this week.  She received 60 yards of mulch on Monday and has almost everything up to the front circle completed.  Its exciting starting to see some bulbs popping out through the mulch.  Within a couple of weeks, we'll have a ton of color around the club.  

With aerification coming up next week, we sprayed some fertilizers on the greens to help the plant recover from the aerification stress.  Getting a head start on the fertility will also decrease the recovery time for the greens.  We're planning on doing the same procedure from past spring aerifications.  We'll deep tine the greens first, followed by 1/4" tines in two different directions.  We will clean up and topdress the greens between the two processes.  When we poke the second set of holes, it will help close the first set while opening new channels for sand/roots/drainage/air/etc.  By doing small tines twice, we are getting the same amount of surface disruption/thatch reduction with a much quicker recovery time.