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« Back Post Date: Friday, March 18, 2016
Superintendent Update- Aerification Week
We were able to complete our first aerification of the season.

This week started off pretty damp, delaying our greens aerification until Wednesday.  The sand we use on the greens is kiln dried so it can be worked into the holes better.  If we applied it on a rainy, or even foggy day, it would absorb the moisture and take much longer to fill the holes.  We use regular sand on the tees and approaches so we were able to aerify those and topdress them without any issues.  Also during the wet days, we deep tined the greens.  The machine makes small 3/16" holes to a depth of about 7" in the greens.  This promotes deep roots and superior drainage.  

Usually we use 1/4" tines and aerify the greens twice when we take cores out but because of the delay, we were short on time so we used 3/8" tines instead.  They might take a little bit more time to heal but we are aerifying again at the end of April, so we'll aim for the small tines then.  In the meantime, we'll push the greens with a little extra fertilizer to encourage a successful recovery.  

Next week we are going to be focusing on completing our projects.  I'm hoping to prep 3 green surround for sod on Monday and lay sod on Tuesday.  Throughout the week we'll be putting sand in the tees on 7 with hopes of having them laser graded on Friday.  Check back in next week for updates on our project progress!