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Superintendent Update- Finally...Spring arrives
With the weather turning, our days are getting busier.

As I sit here writing this on a busy Friday morning, preparing for a beautiful weekend, I finally have that feeling of the golf season.  We have early golfers, a lot of tasks to take care of in front of them, and we're doing the hectic yet efficient dance trying to get everything prepared for them.  This sense of urgency and excitement must be the feeling that sports teams get after the preseason is finished and they get to begin competing for real.  The work we do in the mornings ahead of play is coordinated very carefully to complete an incredible amount of work before you even step foot on that hole.  We need to work in numeric order to have each hole prepared, yet we also need to work in certain zones to make sure we're quiet around play.  One example in our case is the fact that 9 is between 1 and 2, and 8 green is behind 4 green.  One little hiccup in the morning, weather its a frost delay, a broken machine, or a golfer deciding to start early or begin on a different hole, can cause the operation to lose its efficiency very quickly.  The USGA wrote a good article explaining how the morning preparations work- USGA Article

This week, we made good progress on #7.  Chris began installing the irrigation system around the new tees.  This will be finished by the early part of next week.  We also brought in more dirt to shape the surrounds on the tees for their final grade.  Once the irrigation and finish grade is complete, we will sod the entire area.  My goal is to have this all completed by next weekend.  Although you might not be able to see it from the cart path, we finally have germination on the tees as well!  Hopefully the weather continues to improve.  I'd like to open the front tee for the first week of May.  I will keep pushing the seed to establish as quickly as possible.  The tee won't be 100% established but without a tee to play from, I'm fine opening one up early as long as the roots are tight enough to hold the sand base in place. 

If you squint, you can see them!

Fletcher helped with the irrigation.