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Superintendent Update- It really feels like Summer
With the summer heat and humidity, its time to keep a careful eye on the course.

We knew the weather would end up being hot and humid at some point this summer.  The week started off with an inch of rain from Monday into Tuesday morning.  In a way, this was good because it got our moisture levels even throughout the course, but during an extended hot and humid period, excessive moisture can cause more stress on the plants.  Our use of wetting agents on the greens (Pervade), Tees, and Fairways (Dispatch), has helped significantly improved our moisture management.

Because of the rain and summer-like temperatures, we have reduced the number of times we're rolling the greens throughout the week.  When our nighttime temperatures are back in the 60s and the greens can recover overnight, we'll increase our rolling to 5-6 times a week, but right now, we're limiting it to 3-4 times.  Between less rolling and the humidity causing the plant to swell a bit, the greens will be rolling a bit slower than normal, but with this weather, the stimpmeter stays in the cart because plant health takes priority over green speed.  

Our only sand-based green, #1, was vented on Thursday to help it handle the heat a little bit better.  We left the holes open in the afternoon to allow for increased respiration and communicated to the few golfers that played the reason behind not immediately rolling the green.  

I'm very happy with the roots on the greens for this time of year.  We're consistently in the 4-5" range.  While we expect the roots to shrink through the heat of the summer, we are at a very good starting point to maintain healthy greens through the season.  

It looks like the weather will improve for the first part of next week with nighttime temperatures in the mid-60s but we will return to higher temperatures towards the end of the week.  There are only a couple very slight chances of thunderstorms, which is good because there's nothing worse than boiling roots on a 95 degree day after a thunderstorm.