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Superintendent Update- The Heat Continues
We're in the midst of quite the heat wave.

It looks like we're going to be enjoying (and I use that term sarcastically) this heat wave for another week.  We haven't seen a summer like this since at least 2012.  If it continues much more, it could be reminiscent of the extremely challenging 2002 summer.

Knowing what we were facing, this week has been full of proactive maintenance on the course to prepare for the continued heat.  We applied wetting agents on greens, tees, and fairways to help us control our moisture levels more efficiently.  We skipped mowing on Monday, and Tuesday after we mowed, we used our pencil tines on the greens to help vent the gasses and allow for better air into the rootzone and better water infiltration through any localized dry spots that may have appeared.  

We've been dealing with some irrigation pumping issues that have resulted in some poa in our fairways wilting.  Although we can't seed into it right now with the temperatures we're facing, we will be able to put the more ideal ryegrass into the voids in the fairways.  Once we see a couple weeks of cooler weather and rain in the forecast, the seeding processes will begin.  The second picture below shows a little bit of the stressed poa on 17.

I mentioned the hydraulic leak last week on 17 approach.  We treated it with Floratine's Maxiplex and Pervade and had great results.  There is still some tip burn that's noticeable but the products are working well to keep the plants going.  

Finally, our tennis court #1 has had water spilling across it for some reason this week.  We have been investigating to see if its the drinking water line, irrigation water, or a clogged drain.  There was a drain that wasn't working properly so we flushed that out.  When things dry down, we will investigate further to see if there's a leak causing the wet area or if its just runoff from the normal court irrigation.