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« Back Post Date: Friday, October 07, 2016, 3:00 PM
Superintendent Update- Fall is in the air
Some crisp mornings and the leaves beginning to change lets us know that the summer is over!
While we all have our eyes on the Southeast, hoping Hurricane Matthew takes it easy on everyone, we're enjoying some very pleasant weather.  It has been another busy week with three different outings and trying to catch up with our mowing from the rains Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  Luckily, today (Friday), we will be caught up thanks to the hard work of our great staff.  

One of the exciting parts of this week was taking delivery on our Dakota 440 Material Handler.  Although the primary function of this tool is to topdress fairways, the "Material Handler" designation comes from the fact that it is a multi-function tool.  The main conveyor inside can go towards the back, and if we open the rear door and turn on the spinners, it's a topdresser.  We can also swing out the side conveyor and run the main conveyor forwards and we're now capable of quickly offloading large amounts of material into a specific location.  We will use this to put bunker sand into bunkers, mulch into mulch beds, dry topdressing sand into our smaller greens topdresser to name a few uses.  This purchase was made from the funds raised during the Dick Irvin Legacy Open, so a huge thanks to everyone who participated.

On Monday, we pulled the covers off of the 15th tee and I was thrilled with how much germination and growth we had.  There was a little bit of disease on the young ryegrass, so we sprayed the tee with some fungicide and a handful of different fertilizers.  Once the surface dried from the rain, we began mowing the tee.  The first cut was 1" and after that, we dropped it down to 3/4".  We will topdress the tee heavily very soon and continue dropping the height until we're at .5" like the other tees.  

We have an exciting beginning to next week.  The MD Senior Open is at Hillendale this year.  We have to prepare the course for play to begin on 1 and 10 starting at 7:40.  This will be a challenge with the amount of sunlight we have but I'm confident the seniors from around the state will be pleased with the conditions we are able to provide for them.  

Our native area between 5 and 6 has been seeded.  We went with a rate of 1lb/1000sq ft.  This is much lower than the rates we used in the other native areas, so I'm hoping the lack of fertility in the soil, no irrigation, and the low rate will allow for a thin stand of fine fescue that is easier to find and advance the ball from.