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Superintendent Update- Wind and Turkey
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving break.  This week was a short one for us but we were able to accomplish a few important tasks.

First, we had a TON of wind on Sunday and Monday.  With the wind, most of our leaves came down.  It wasn't worth blowing them, then but once the winds subsided, we were able to mulch them and all but wrap up our leaf season.  It seems like the bunkers turned into leaf traps which helped us blow them out and mulch them quicker.  The downside of the wind was our scheduled tree removal on 18/10 was cancelled for the safety of the crane operator and tree removal team.

Now that we have our Dakota 440, we are able to put it to use!  We had a load of 25 tons of Orgro delivered to put in the rough.  Orgro is a very finely ground mulch compost that comes from the Baltimore City Compost Facility and it's blended and saturated with treated sewage sludge from the Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant (aka the Golden Domes of Dundalk).  This relatively inexpensive high organic compost helps amend the soil, adding essential nutrients, microbes, and even aggregate (mulch pieces) that will help with compaction. 

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We first use the Aerovator to open holes in the soil to help incorporate some of the nutrients deeper in the soil and to fracture highly compacted areas.  After that, we spread seed in areas that could use it.  Finally, with the Dakota loaded, we spread the product in the areas that either receive high traffic (bottom right of #1), or areas that need enhanced health and more organic material (right of 4).  Essentially the difference between clay and topsoil is more material like Orgro.  

Another benefit of applying the Orgro this time of year is it's dark color.  The dark mulch will help attract and retain heat in the soil which will help the plants recover and strengthen before the harsh winter conditions arrive.  

It looks like next week we have a lot of much needed rain coming on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we'll be busy Monday spraying the greens, topdressing the greens, and applying the rest of the Orgro.  Our tree work will be moved to the following week.