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Superintendent Update- Hello Winter!
Wow its cold!

Well, if you've been waiting for the cold winter weather, here it is!  Our week started off with normal temperatures but Thursday was brutal with the wind, and Friday's morning temperatures are in the teens!!  If you like the greens firm, come on out!

Earlier in the week when it was more pleasant outside, we finished cleaning the area between 10 and 18 where we took down the trees.  Part of this process included hauling all of the red oak logs to the clubhouse parking lot.  Its quite an impressive pile of wood! 

Continuing the cleanup between 10 and 18, we blew all of the leaves out of the trees and rock outcroppings to the rough on 10 to be mulched.  There was an impressive pile of leaves that took some time to mulch, but the results are excellent, as we want to keep this space from becoming a thick area of decomposing leaves since so many balls end up over there.

Thursday's cold limited the staff's outside time.  They split some wood and did a few deliveries and then left early.  Today, Friday, we will begin dropping some dead trees on the course.  The frozen ground helps limit damage when we take the dump truck and chipper off the cart paths.  You can tell when the tree is dead after we cut it down because it explodes on impact!

This week, our Equipment Manager, Gary, has been in North Carolina for some training for our John Deere equipment at their Turf Care Training Facility and Golf Equipment Factory in Morrisville, NC.  According to Gary, it has been an extremely valuable experience learning the more intricate details of the electronic components, engines, and mowing units on our equipment.  Its an added benefit that he has two years of experience working with this equipment because if he went right after our purchase, he wouldn't have the familiarity with the mowers that he currently has.  This next-level training will help Gary keep our equipment running and cutting at it's maximum potential.