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Superintendent Update- Confusing Weather
Come on Mother Nature, get it right!

I think we got our March and February switched this year.  Yesterday was nice and almost 70 degrees for us to finish aerification and today we have snow with a cold week ahead!  

We were scheduled to aerify next week but because the weather wasn't too promising and we had a few decent days in the forecast this week, we moved our aerification to fit in the perfect weather window.  Monday we got some fertilizer down on the greens to get the recovery started.  Knowing golfers would like to play the course, we planned on aerifying the front 9 on Wednesday and the back 9 on Thursday.  We used our 3/8" hollow tines with 10 per tine head to get a very close spacing.  

It was a windy couple of days so applying and dragging the dry sand was a bit of a nuisance but it helped keep everything dry so the sand could be worked into the holes easily.  

Nick is somewhere in the cloud of sand

After dragging the sand we rolled the greens and immediately watered them so the dry sand didn't have a chance to absorb moisture from the soil.  After 6 minutes of water, everything was hydrated and we called the greens complete.

With a very cold February-esque week next week, our recovery is going to be slow but the proper nutrients have been added to push for growth once soil temps increase.