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Superintendent Update- There's our winter
Well, at least it was less snow than they predicted!
I've said it all winter- I really thing the February and March pages on the calendar have been switched around.  I don't have any interesting pictures to put up this week because all we've been doing is shoveling snow, scraping ice, and working on accessories.  We had less snow than anticipated, which was helpful, but it was a wet, heavy snow that froze overnight.  When the staff came in on Tuesday to take care of sidewalks, the frozen snow was a little difficult to remove.  A little sunshine and some extra ice-melt helped.

While we weren't working on the snow, we took advantage of our time to catch up with our work on the accessories.  Our trash cans take the most amount of time to sand and paint and we are almost finished with them.

Hopefully we have a good melt over the weekend and we can get back to filling stump holes on Monday!