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« Back Post Date: Friday, December 08, 2017
Superintendent Update- The course is put to bed.
Leaves are finished and Winter work begins.

Since our leaf clean-up has finished and colder temperatures have arrived, we "put the course to bed" for the year.  We deep tined the greens to allow for improved drainage during the winter months.  It also provides channels for root growth in the spring when the soil begins to warm up.  

After the deep tine, we topdressed the greens with push spreaders in 4 directions.  This is heavier than we would do it during the season, but the goal is to help protect the crown from the winter winds that can dehydrate and damage the plant.  Instead of brushing the sand in, we applied it before the rain we received on Tuesday.  The .25" of rain helped wash in the sand perfectly.  

We're beginning our treework now that the leaves are done falling.  The first trees we have taken down are the trunks that remained when the tops came off of the red oaks in the tornado in August.  The most noticeable one was to the right of 16 approach but there were two more on the left of 18.  Next week, we'll take the bucket truck to the tree by 18 tee and remove the large limbs that broke in a wind storm.

We used our new 1298 Aerifier in the rough where we have a lot of cart traffic.  It was nice to be able to take it out and loosen up some compacted areas.  We are going to be aerifying the fairways with larger tines next.