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Superintendent Update- Welcome to 2018!
The new year starts with frozen ground and a cold wind.

Happy New Year everyone!  January has definitely started off with a bang.  This cold stretch is definitely uncomfortable but it's giving us an opportunity to do some things that require frozen ground or inside work.

We're taking down some pretty large oak trees, specifically on 18.  There was one on the right just after 10 green that was dying so we had to remove that.  Behind 3 tee there was a large leaning oak that needed to come out, so we had ArborOne take that down with their crane.  The frozen ground prevents the crane from causing any ruts.  Next to that was another huge Oak that must've been damaged in the new 3 tee construction a few years ago because it was failing last year.  Removing these trees help with getting some more sunlight to the third tee which has always been an issue, especially on the black tee.  Finally we took the bucket truck out to the tree by 18 tee that had some limbs broken from a storm a little while ago.  Those have been removed and will be cleaned up soon.

This time of year we like snowcover and bitterly cold days so we can get some work finished inside.  We're starting our work on our accessories, first focusing on sandblasting the tee markers and sanding the ballwashers.  We're going to hold off on the most tedious accessory, our trash cans, because I'd like to find a way to get some that match our new benches.  

The air compressor for Gary's shop is in the storage area that isn't heated, in the corner against two non-insulated exterior walls.  The cold temperatures keeps freezing the moisture inside the sensors, valves, and main tank, so Walter, our new Facilities Maintenance Technician, is building an insulated case around it, while still allowing access for maintenance and repairs.  This will keep Gary's winter operation running smoothly.

This time of year, Gary is extremely busy working on the winter maintenance of our equipment.  This week, he's grinding the 10 reels and installing and grinding 10 new bedknives to our fairway mowers' cutting units.  All bearings, rollers, and fittings are checked for wear, then finally the heights are set and the reels are ready to go back on the mowers ready to provide the perfect cut in the spring.