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Superintendent Update- The winter work continues
Our progress continues on and off the course.

As always, the weather dictates our direction in the winter.  We've been able to be productive with the tree work when the ground was frozen.  One of the most noticeable changes was the removal of the blue spruce on the right side of 1.  This was initially planted to block the view of the maintenance facility, but because the trees around the building have matured, there's no need to have a random spruce tree in a hole lined with hardwoods.  I'm sure the golfers that end up on the right side after their second shot won't be sad to see it go!

We had some time when the ground was thawed, so we continued to aerify the fairways.  Mr. Slaughter is kind enough to donate sand for us to topdress our fairways this year.  We'll do it once in February and again in November or December.  We're hoping to get 10 loads this winter to work into the canopy and get some sand into the aerification holes.  

While the weather has been cold, windy, rainy, or the ground was only partially frozen, we worked in the shop.  One project was to paint the break room and offices.  Since the building was built, it hasn't been re-painted, so we put a fresh coat of paint along with new white light switches, outlets, and wall plates.  We're very proud of the maintenance facility the club has provided for us, so we need to make sure it is always presentable and taken care of.  We're doing a little update to my office too, which isn't finished yet.  Stay tuned for updates upon completion!

Finally, our two directional signs on the course, at 2/9 tee, and behind 18 green directing carts to 10 tee, have been redone.  Mr. Bouchard just opened SpeedPro Imaging Towson on Deerco Road.  He did a great job replicating the old signs and adding the club's logo.  I'm excited to replace the worn-out signs and can't help but give Mr. Bouchard a bit of a promo!