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Superintendent Update- A few exciting announcements
This week's Green Committee meeting included some decisions to begin projects to continue improving the course.

Currently we are looking at a very nice stretch of weather to help us recover from the 10-12 day hot and humid spell.  There is a lot of seed in the ground on 6 fairway and in the roughs and we will see progressive germination now that the temperatures are ideal.  I can't say how pleased I am with the performance of the greens.  They did great through our heat wave and now we can begin pushing them a little more with the cooler nighttime temps.  

You may notice, to the left of 7 tee, there's a range mat and some tee markers.  This is the proposed location of our new tee based on Phase II of our Master Plan.  The yardage will remain the same but the thought is that the back of the green would act more like a backstop from that angle instead of kicking the ball to the left from the current tee.  Feel free to try out the new location and provide us with your feedback.  There's also a proposed black tee at 198 yards that has been marked.  There are trees currently blocking any shots from back there but the angle will be the same as the location of the range mat.  

A project that will start this week is at the pine grove between 14, 15, and 16.  This is the last remaining large grouping of pines on the course so I feel its appropriate to remove them and convert the space into a native area.  As we learned behind 7 green, we are much more successful when seeding the native blend in the fall.  Knowing this, we are going to remove all of the pine trees, leave the hardwoods, remove the stumps, and prepare the grove for seed this late summer/early fall.  Pine trees are very easy to take down and our chipper can handle large diameter logs so I anticipate the tree removal progressing quickly.  My goal is to have the area seeded by Mid-September.  

Along with the grove on 14/15/16, we will begin spraying RoundUp on other areas around the course to prepare for the seeding of new native grasses.  There have been plenty of compliments about the 2 areas added this year so we will continue with some other areas.  We will be converting behind 8 green/1 green, left of 10 tee around the tennis courts, 11 tee hill into the trees on the right, and behind, and to the left of 17 tee up to the building and along the trees.  We'll keep you updated with our progress on the blog but I ask that you don't drive through these areas once you see them start changing color from the RoundUp spray.  I anticipate making our initial spray during our aerification week on August 17, 18, 19, and 20.