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Superintendent Update- Member-Member Tournament
What a great week for preparing the course for the Member-Member.

This week has been the perfect weather for preparing the course for the Member-Member.  Without any rain, and cool nights, we could dry down the greens and push them to be the best they possibly can.  Coming into the week with very healthy greens, we pulled back our weekly fertility, increased our growth regulators, and incorporated the brushes on our greensmowers into our mowing routine.  This allowed us to increase the greenspeeds to their highest potential without touching our mowing height.  Thursday afternoon, the greens were 13' 3", firm, and true, and I couldn't be more pleased with the way they are performing through the weekend.  With the humidity and fog of Saturday morning, they are rolling just above 12.  It would be nice if we could have remained at the 13' mark, but i'm just as happy with 12.

After the rounds on Saturday, the greens will definitely need some water and the temperatures early in the week look even better for a bit of recovery.  We have 2 outings early in the week but we're going to apply a spray on Monday to assist in bringing the greens back to our sustainable healthy levels.  

Even though most of our week was focused on preparing the course for the Member-Member, we also did a couple other things for the long-term betterment of the course.  You'll notice that the piles of dirt on 7 tee have been graded to have the look of the tee we will be building.  We also had to move one of our irrigation heads to allow for the construction of the tee. Once our architect Joel Weiman comes in to give us the specifics of location and size, we will be continuing the project. 

Although all of the future native areas look great just as dead grass from the RoundUp sprays, we have begun seeding them this week.  The areas on 8 and 10 have been seeded with a much lower rate than the 2 areas we did last year.  We will continue to seed all of the areas and will see germination within a couple of weeks.  We applied an organic material to the grove next to 14 to help convert the soil into a better growing environment.