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Superintendent Update- US Open Qualifier Week
We had a great showing for the qualifier on Monday.

This week started on Sunday night preparing for the US Open Qualifier we hosted on Monday.  We got a dry cut on the fairways and we mowed the greens.  The event went off smoothly Monday after we double cut backtrack mowed with our aggressive brushes.  The slick greens and the high winds made it a challenging day for the 89 participants.  With a winning score of a 1 under par 70, Sean Bosdosh was the only golfer under par.  There were 4 other golfers that qualified at +1 and +2.  The membership and the staff is extremely proud of how well Hillendale performed.

Now that the Qualifier is over, we shift our focus immediately to preparing for the Invitational.  One of the first things I got started on was finishing some treework.  The majority of trees removed this winter were Ash trees that succumbed to the Emerald Ash Borer.  I thought a few trees would make it another year but they didn't come out of the winter looking too healthy.  Instead of leaving a few eyesores for the season, we will remove them before the Invitational.  The Ash we worked on this week was by 2 ladies tee.  It was very visible from the Overlook, Dining room, and all around the front 9, so removing it enhanced the views around the course.  Also, with it gone, from the 4 fairway/5 tee area, you can now see up 2 fairway.


The next tree we will be removing is the Ash to the left of 4 green.

Even though we have 3 large outings next week, we will be getting a delivery of sod on Tuesday to finally wrap up our winter tree work.  This week was dedicated to prepping the areas so all we will need to do is lay the sod and water it.