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Superintendent- It feels like Christmas!
We got some great new equipment for the course!

It looks like the weather will be ideal until mid-next week once we know where Irma will be.  In this time, we are excited to have some new tools on hand to use on the course.

We've been fighting with our sprayers for the past couple of years, and it has gotten to the point where each time we needed to spray, it was a process trying to get it to run or to apply products properly.  Thursday, a Toro MultiPro 5800G was delivered.  With the advancements in sprayer technologies since ours were purchased in 2005, we will be able to save an incredible amount of time with our mixing procedures and our clean-out process.  We won't have fluctuating spray rates, and the in-tank agitation is much stronger, keeping heavier products evenly suspended in the tank mix.  There are many more small details that make our new sprayer a welcome improvement, and Travis and Nick are very excited to have the proper tool to spray with!

We haven't been able to aerify our fairways for a few years since we didn't have a tractor-mounted aerifier.  Along with our sprayer, we got a Toro ProCore 1298 aerifier which is twice as big as our greens aerifier.  It was immediately put to use on the couple of fairways that have thinned from wet wilt (caused partially by not being able to aerify).  After we poke holes using solid tines, we will broadcast seed and drag it into the holes.   This Fall I hope to aerify and topdress the fairways to add some deeper drainage channels and open up some space for root growth.

It's still up in the air what Irma's track is going to be.  We have wetting agents in our greens ready to assist in draining any excess moisture next week.  Knowing the Member-Member is a week away and our aerification recovery is complete on the greens, we applied a high rate of growth regulators and removed some fertility from our greens spray today (with the new sprayer).  We will make one more application next week with the event in mind so we can have the best conditions possible.